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 Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essiath

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Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essiath Empty
PostSubject: Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essiath   Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essiath EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 4:44 am

**Note from Zephyr: Im changing the way these are written in the library, so bear with me while I work on it. The rejo forms will not be changed though.

AND once my new Monitor is here, I will make a mugshot for each character in Sims 3!

Weyrwoman Alana

Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essiath Screenshot30q

Quick Stats
Gender: Female
Age:26 Turns
Rank: Weyrwoman

Medium length black hair, kept in a runnertail, dances around the round, rosey cheeked face of Alana. Her grey-blue almond-shaped eyes reflect the proud smile worn by her plump pink lips, and her tanned skin glows, as all healthy skin does. Her thick cloathing hides her tall, thin figure, but when rid of the riding gear, her gentel curves pleasure they eye.

A carefuly made, first layer dark bronze wherhide coat is edged with thick ovine wool at the colar and cuffs. It splits at the waist, the space filled with more flexible Tunnel Snake leather. Under the coat is usualy a warm, brown ovine wool sweater in winter or a crisp white cotton shirt in warmer months. Her beautifuly embroided leggings are made from caprine leather and Wool, and her knee-high boots of bovine leather.

Personality and Trivia
Strong and Determined, Alana is not a woman you want to be on the wrong side of. She loves Cobalt Weyr with her whole heart (or at least whats not taken by her Dragonmate), and is determined to make it he best Weyr on the planet.

  • Alana's Favorite color is purple, and has dreams of dyeing Essiath purple before, though that did not impress the mighty gold.

  • Alana is terrified of Grubs, though can hide this fear when she needs too.

Like many weyrbrats, Alana was born from the union of two riders in dragonlust. The greenrider, her mother Chandra, had a dislike for the one who caught her, B'zil, but did not know she was pregnant until well into the pregnancy. Her child had been "between" many times already, and had not aborted, so she decided to keep the child. When Alana was born, Chandra soon lost interest in nappies and no sleep, so at only three months Alana was put into the creche.

She rarly saw her mother during her childhood, but she did see her father. He said he would have offered to take her, if her mother had given his name to the healer at her birth. Without it, she had no offical father, though she did know who he was, and that her mother had only done it to hurt him.

When she was 16, Alana was serched for impression. There was no clutch at the time, but with every color breeding, there was always one green or guilded clutching sometime soon. So for a turn she stood at the small hatchings of greens, guildeds and garnets, but never impressed. She had all but given up hope, when the senior gold Nickith rose, and was caught by a young bronze called Rostoth. Their clutch was only small for a Gold-Bronze pairing, with only 8 eggs... but the largest was CLEARLY a gold. Searchriders searched the area the whole time the eggs were on the sands, trying to find a suitable young girl to become the new goldrider.

At the hatching day, Alana stood, hoping for one of the green hatchlings, or even a guilded or garnet from one of the two smaller clutches due to hatch the same day. But after all 11 non-golds had hatched and impressed, she had given up hope of ever impressing.

Then the gold started to shake, soon tipping over with huge cracks down its sides. A huge, but clumsey gold hatchling spilled out of the egg, and began to walk around the sands, looking for her lifemate. She seemed unimpressed by the girls serched for her, and stated to walk towards the last of the girls serched for the lesser colored female hatchlings.
She suddenly stopped, and started bolting towards the group Alana was in.

Alana was bowled over by the hatchling, and expecting to be mauled, she cringed, waiting for the pain. Then suddenly, her mind was filled with a loving sensation, and a purring voice said <<My Alana, why do you fear me? Do you not love me, do you not love your Essiath?>> Alana was in total shock. The gold had impressed... her? "of course I love you, how could I not! I just did not expect you to choose me!"

In the following turns, Alana showed that she was meant to be a Goldrider. She passed her classed with ease and loved her dragon more than anything or anyone else in the world. Her father, having been there her whole life, always glowed with pride, as he knew his little girl would one day become weyrwoman. Her mother tried to get back into her life, but still too hurt by her mothers past actions, she did not allow her mother to do so.

The first time Essiath rose, she was caught by an older brown, and laid a small clutch of 4 eggs. She showed her mothering instincts at that first clucthing, not allowing anyone or anything near her eggs, and was very reluctant to allow her babies to impress to the hold-bred candidates brought to impress them.

Over the years, Alana and Essiath grew stronger as a pair, and rised through the ranks within the Igen Goldwing. After just 4 Turns together, Alana became a Jr Weyrwoman. She worke hard and was determined to make it all the way.

But all the Weyrs of old were crumbling. In the last Turn that she lived in Igen, three dragons and riders were killed after their weyrs collapsed on them in their sleep. Not wanting to be the weyrwoman of a death-trap, she began to plan a new, better weyr.

Before she started the move, she would need a weyrleader. So when Essiath was caught by the bronze Zenath, she told his rider Z'ek about her plans. Together, they planned the move, built the new weyr and helped to build three major holds around the weyr.

Now ready to move in, Alana knows that Essiath must be the first to rise in order to keep her position as Weyrwoman. As luck would have it, it is only sevendays till she rises, so Alana is looking forward to the first of many clutches to be born in their new weyr, Cobalt Weyr.


Z'ekWeyrmate25 TurnsCobalt WeyrWeyrleader, Rider of Bronze ZenathPC
ChandraMother47 TurnsIgen Weyr Rider of Green QuewethNPC
B'zilFather53 TurnsIgen WeyrRider of Blue TetiathNPC



Golden Bree
Age: 12 Turns
Size: 4 Inches at shoulder.
This older Flit acts her age, head held high and never acting ungracfuly. Her golden hide shines with lighter highlings along her sides, her large wings of the same color. Alana has had her since she was 14 Turns old.

Click here to see her page. (no link yet, lol.)

Bronze Rusty
Age: 9 Turns
Size: 3 1/4 Inches at shoulder.
Another older Flit, and almost the only Bronze to sire Bree's Clutches, Rusty has great paternal instincts towards all his offspring, and has meet many of them. His darker bronze color are almost greeny-brown, but his large size shows that he is neither. Alana has had him since she was 17 Turns old.

Click here to see his page. (no link yet, lol.)
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Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essiath Empty
PostSubject: Re: Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essiath   Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essiath EmptySun Aug 22, 2010 5:33 pm

Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essiath Essaith

Platinum Sunfire Gold Essiath

Quick Stats
Age: 9 Turns
Rank: Senior Gold

Brilliant Sunset gold with darker undertones, Essiaths Bulk seems to melt into her femmin curves and elegant stature. Her powerful hunches give her a powerful takeoff and smooth landing. Her tall and narrow chest housing a large set of lugs, giving her great endurance and one of the loudest humms every heard by many. Her long, eligat head sports a pair of rather flat headknobs, but the headknobs that adorn her cheeks are longer than most.

A large scar adorns her left flank, from a fight with another queen when the sands were to crowded. She always says that the other queen came out seccond best. The regrown hide is several shades lighter than the rest of her hide.

Essiath is proud and knows the power she holds over the other dragons in the weyr as Senior Queen. Her Pride often blinds her to problems, wether they be personal or related to her offspring or lifemate.

She is quite flirty for a dragon, even when she is not even close to a flight. She likes to tease the bronzes and Champagnes who lost her flights, in a flirty way that would make the Weyrleaders dragon jealous and wary that his position is not as secure as many would think.

When it comes to flights, she is just as flirty as when shes not flying. Teasing her pursuers, she ducks and dives between them, around them and they never know quite where she is. When on then sands, she likes to be left alone, not wanting anything to do with any dragon, including her mate. She is often reluctant to allow her hatchlings to impress, even though she knows what will happen if they don't. She dislikes it when hold-bred candidates impress her babies, preferring weyrbrats who she's know for a while.

Flooding your mind with love and an almost purring voice, Essiath elegance in voice is almost restrained, speaking less with words and more with feelings.

Credits and Lineage
DamGold Nickith
Created ByZephyr
HatchingNPC, Pre-game
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Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essiath
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