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 Journeywoman Healer Evangeline

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PostSubject: Journeywoman Healer Evangeline   Wed Sep 08, 2010 12:01 am

Quick Stats
Name: Evangeline (Eva)
Age in Turns: 21
Craft: Healer (Journeywoman)

TinaMother51Igen WeyrStaff at Igen WeyrNPC
GeorgeFather70N/AHoldless Master Healer (Exiled from the hall)NPC

Blonde, medium length hair is usually tied up in a loose bun, and her blue eyes twinkle with the yearning to be useful. She is average hight, and has a nice hourglass shape.
Having a need to please, Eva can be described as annoyingly persistent. She is also slightly OCD, and is obsessed with water. She dislikes dragons, because they are big and she feels short near them. She doesn't mind whers so much, but does not wish to impress.
A genecrafter-made Goldfish called Flish.
Born from a union between a master and apprentice healer, Eva was always told she was not meant to happen. Her father was banned from the hall after it was found he had slept with his aprentice, and was made holdless. Her mother was also banned from the craft, and so became a staff member Igen weyr. Raised as a Weyrbrat, Eva was always told by her mother that she was a mistake that cost her a much loved craft and lover.

When she was old enough to be impressed, she wanted to stand down and refuse, but because she was searched, she couldn't. After she failed to impress three times, they let her stand down. She instead chose to study a craft, leaving the weyr to go to the healer hall.

The masters all feared she would be like her mother, but her will to please and prove her worth after turns of being told she was a mistake, she quickly showed she was more like her father in work ethic.

Not long after she became a Journeywoman, she learned that a new weyr was being formed, and that several of the weyrbrats she had grown up with (now mostly dragonriders) were moving there. She also heard that they needed a healer, so she applied straight away.

Now she is on her way to start her new life as head journeywoman healer of a weyr, and can not wait to start her new life... with her pet goldfish Flish in tow.
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Journeywoman Healer Evangeline
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