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A 13th Interval Weyr
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  3512-3562 13th Pass

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 3512-3562 13th Pass Empty
PostSubject: 3512-3562 13th Pass    3512-3562 13th Pass EmptyFri Aug 20, 2010 3:47 pm

On the 1st day of the 13th Pass, the newest clutch of genecrafter designed dragons hatched.

Out of the lone queen egg hatched a small, snappy little queen with a hide the color of copper, streaked with small specks of green and blue. She impressed to a girl named Clarrie, daughter of the Lord Holder of Igen Hold, Clomont, and was called Bamieth.

Out of the three bronzerank eggs hatched three small and fast white hatchlings, whos hides contained the smallest hint of bronze still. Telaroth, Descondeth and Rubackseth impressed three Weyr-bred boys, Tysoro (T'oro), Jevian (J'ian) and Willborrow (W'row).

Out of the lone brownrank egg hatched a little brown hatchling with patches of chocolate brown and very light tea brown all over. He was tiny and lacked all bulk, was very clumsey and was a slow flyer. But with the most sensitive eyes, ears and nose of any dragon, Bookanth and his rider M'tan (Morgtan) quickly gained a reputation as the best Watchdragons on the planet.

Out of two smallish bluerank eggs hatched another pair of glossy white hatchlings, tiny and dainty. They were very cunning and clever, but poor flyers and lacking stamina. They made exelent stratigests though, and could catch Guildeds in flight even when compeeting with Ivorys and Browns, just from strategy and cunning. The two Snowys, Dorvenath and Meaaegroth impressed Jezabee and Kriaton (K'ton), and although they were of little use fighting thread, they helped to plan wing sweeps, train new weyrlings and were exelent messangers when a message was too complicated for a Flit.

Later on in the pass, another clutch stunned everyone. A black female rose to mate, and was caught by a visting male black. Nobody had ever seen a Black X Black flight, so waited egarly for the cluching. When the female black laid a shiny black egg that was only half the size of a usual black egg, everyone was stunned. Questioning the now elderly Genecrafter who had made them firtile, he could not explain it. They were not meant to breed together, but he had made it possible.

When the egg hatched, the tinyest black hatchling impressed to a young girl called Ebony, who was also a harper-aprentice. The hatchling, called Truth, was tiny and fragile, and useless in threadfight.
When she was fullgrown, Truth was only half the size of a Runner and looked starved, even though she was eating more than she needed to for her size.
Truth became a vile and sour dragon, never even bothering to attend threadfall or a hatching, unless one of the parents was a black. But she did attend harper-class with Ebony, reveiling her sad but beautiful voice. When she rose to mate and was caught by a black, she was very picky over who was aloud to stand for her babies hatching. She chose a selection of male and female harper-aprentices and harper-journeymen. This suprized all the weyrfolk, for even though many golds will claim that nobody there is good enough for their babies, they would never go as far as Ebonys black.

As the pass went on, a few more of these "Ebony's Black" or "Harper's Black" dragons were born, and they soon became known as Ebonys or Harper-Ebonys. Their main job within a Weyr became escorting Harpers between holds, halls and weyr. They adored this job, as they got to share their beautiful voices with people who loved music as much as they did.
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3512-3562 13th Pass
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