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 2810-3260 The 10th Interval, 11th Pass and Interval

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2810-3260 The 10th Interval, 11th Pass and Interval Empty
PostSubject: 2810-3260 The 10th Interval, 11th Pass and Interval   2810-3260 The 10th Interval, 11th Pass and Interval EmptyFri Aug 20, 2010 2:28 pm

The 10th Interval was a relitivily quiet one. The Pernese worked hard to rebuild after the disasterus 10th Pass and the Weyrs and Holds had to work together now more than ever to stay alive.

Due to the fact that their populations had been decimated, Wherries had become mosterusly inbred, increesing thir size rage from 1-2 feet tall at the shoulder to 2-4 feet at the shoulder. These mosters were big enough to kill young dragons, and some actualy did this. But the most common target was herdbeast, which had small numbers to start with, and soon the population plummeted. The dragonriders took on a new role during the interval, protecting herds from these moster wherries and hunting down the largest of them.

They also hunted the smallest, and captured them alive. They formed a small "Wherrie hall" for the breeding of SMALL wherries. They bred the smallest wildstock with their smaller domestic-stock, relesing the small offspring back into the wild. Eventualy this carfull breeding reduced the size of the wils wherries to a 1 1/2 feet to 2 1/2 feet tall avrage.

During the pass, not much was diffrent. The falls came, both normal and super falls, the dragons rose to meet it, and destroyed it. The Queens few low, their riders burning any stray thread. What got threw them was eaten by Whers and Flits, and what got past them, eaten by the Grubs.

The entire Pass, only 5 lives were lost due to thread. The Weyrwomen during this time, Genivive and her Gold Crainianth of Fort, Helena and her Silver Wietiath of Benden, Yaria and her Gold Sivenenth of Telgar, Ruby and her Gold Jassanth of Ista, Rona and her Gold Avaraeth of Igen and Elena and her Silver Quetzath of High Reaches went down in history as the Weyrwomen who kept Pern the safest it had ever been in a Pass.

The interval that followed was a rich one. The farmers had exelent crops and the herdbeast numbers trippled within three turns of the pass finishing. People became rich, the holds soon forgeting the hardships of the pass. They became arrogant, moving away from the safty of the holds. People spread across both Southern and Northern contanats, with little regard for the dragonriders words of warning.

They would regret this come the 12th pass.
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2810-3260 The 10th Interval, 11th Pass and Interval
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