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 2759-2809 the 10th Pass

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2759-2809 the 10th Pass Empty
PostSubject: 2759-2809 the 10th Pass   2759-2809 the 10th Pass EmptyFri Aug 20, 2010 11:11 am

The 10th Pass on Pern was not as bad as any other Passes. Only ever having short and light Falls, the people of Pern thought that the DragonRiders had lied to them about the real nature of Thread, saying that they had over exaggerated. And with Grubs to Protect their crops and Whers to protect their Holds, they still did not see why they needed DragonRiders to protect them. Until the Great Fall.

0n the 203rd Day of the Turn 2785, Thread began to fall worldwide, thick and unrelenting. Hundreds Died and many more were injured. It fell for three days solid, terrifying Holder and Weyrfolk alike. Despite the Grubs, many crops were lost. Hundreds or Herdbeast were also lost, which soon left the planet in famine.

The DragonRiders cursed the fact that their dragons were not maneverable enough to escape the great falls un-scored. They didnt have enough sence in "between" to tell if they were about to pop back into a clump of Thread. Many DRagons lost their lived this way. Again the Genecrafters had a plan.

They wanted to manipulate the genes of each type of dragon, combining them with those of the legendary White, Ruth. They used genes from stored tissue that had been collected from Ruth before his death to make dragons smaller and have better sences of where they were in "between".

This was the start of the seccond series of Dragons. Of the eggs created, there were 3 Queens, that had beautiful shimmering Silver Hides; 5 elegant bronzeranks that had the curves of a Queen and the muscel of a Bronze, called Champagnes; 7 bulky bruteish females with hides in colors like blood-soaked dimonds, Called Garnets; 10 beautiful elegant blue and gold colored females who lacked all signes on ill-tempers and loved all others like their riders, called Guildeds; and 2 Dark, sour dragons, one male and the other female, whos Vanity and Jealousy was like none other seen in even a Gold Queen.

These Dragons all impressed. The Silver Feranath impressed the rider of the fallen Gold Jerria; Her Silver Sisters Kenrath and Monath impressed Viviex and Panah respectivly; The Champagnes Voctoth, Jarrath, Kovnoth, Parth and Abrnoth inmpreesed Grant (G'nt), Harley (H'ley), Mihall (M'hall), Benson (B'on) and Calivic (C'vic); For the Garnets, Gelliath impressed Winny, Sorth impressed Annie, Lebbath impressed Jackson (J'son), Evonth impressed Eva, Urath impressed Zoe, Kalath inmpressed Brenda and Weranath impressed Marko (M'ko); In the many Guildeds, Robanath impressed Tegan, Mneth impressed Jud-dei, Kitith impressed Kassandra, Tueth impressed Cain (C'in), Shatoth impressed Felix (F'ix), Feyllonth impressed Yayna, Pagmath impressed Izziebelle, Sigelth impressed Levie (L'vie), Briamalirth impressed Ninre and Gowianth impressed Helessa; The two blacks, female Spekoth and male Wikianth impressed Xuviaa and Nigorgan (N'gan).

All these new dragon could navigate the thick thread much better than any of their cannon cousins, and their senses in "Between" were equal to that of their genetic ansestor, Ruth, if not better. They could also produce more flame with less firestone.

This was much needed, as over the next 20 Turns there were many "super falls" like the first. Their numbers were slow to increese in number though, as they bred much slower that the origonals and many of their clutches would hatch out as mostly Cannon colored hatchlings.

At the end of the pass, their ability to go between so acuratly was still used, as trasport for nervus passengers and for trasporting such goods as live herdbeasts and firestone. The smaller Guildeds also earnt their keep aiding Healers, their gentel natures perfect for trasposting injured people from hold to the healerhall.
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2759-2809 the 10th Pass
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