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 Jr Weyrwoman Rose and Silver Florath-RPed by Dragongirl

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PostSubject: Jr Weyrwoman Rose and Silver Florath-RPed by Dragongirl   Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:51 am

Jr Weyrwoman Rose

Quick Stats
Gender: Female
Age:22 Turns
Rank: Jr Weyrwoman


Personality and Trivia



Name if family memberRelation to characterAge of relationlocation IC of relationPosition within the weyr/hold/hallAre they PC or NPC?



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PostSubject: Re: Jr Weyrwoman Rose and Silver Florath-RPed by Dragongirl   Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:05 am

Sunfire Silver Florath

Quick Stats
Age: 8 Turns
Rank: Full Queen


The Rose-Silver sunfire markings on this silver queen are stunning, perfectly framing all her curves in the most flattering ways. Her long taipered wings are covered with unusual dark splotches, birthmarks that never went away. Her long elegant muzzle is half rose-silver and half bright white silver, and sports long, eligat headknobs. Everything about this Sunfire Silver shouts beauty, right down to the way she walks.

Florath will be sure to keep her nose in all of the weyr business, always alert in case something needs her nurturing attention. New weyrlings will always be a joy, and she will not be happy unless shes done her part to help the next generation succeed. She would make a fine senior queen someday, as her patience never wanes, and her devotion to duty is absolute. This is a queen who always speaks softly, but will not hesitate to action when it is in the best interest for her weyr or rider.

With flights will come a change. Proddyness brings distraction and irritability, as well as an unusual self-centeredness as she preens, primps, and flaunts to the males to show how beautiful she is. Pent up frustration and wildness will drive her flights, and they are always sure to be a event worthy of song. The moment the flight is done, however, the clutch will take up all of her attention. They will be everything-, and her maternal nurturing will be increased a hundred-fold. Never will they be in the right position, or the right temperature, never will the candidates be quite right; a fickle mother indeed! But once they are hatched and seen off into the world, she will be back to her lovable old self.

This is a dragon who always speaks softly, though never hesitant or meek. She just sees no reason in raising her voice. Always gentle, always nurturing, she will be quick to pick up on any distress and respond in soothing thoughts and tones. Anger will never be met well, and she will be reluctant to respond favorably to it.

Credits and Lineage
DamSilver Freamrath
SireChampagne Hesdeth
CreatorDragonGirl, Zephyr
HatchingNPC, Pre-Game
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Jr Weyrwoman Rose and Silver Florath-RPed by Dragongirl
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