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 Aplication for Jr WW and Other Staff

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Jr Weyrwoman
Jr Weyrwoman

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PostSubject: Aplication for Jr WW and Other Staff   Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:19 pm

If you have a Queenrider or Bronzerank rider (Bronze, Champagne or Ivory), then you are elidageble to be a staff member! When we need new staff, we will post a new topic asking for aplications, so when you see it, apply!

The number of staff needed while we are still small is not very high, so here are current possitions and who is currently filling them;
Admin/Global Mod: ZephyrDrake and LightningRip.
Weyrwoman: ZephyrDrake
Weyrleader: LightningRip:
Jr Weyrwomen: Dragongirl
Jr Weyrwomen: Open but not necessary
Jr Weyrwomen: Closed at the moment
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PostSubject: Ummm... Applying, I guess....   Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:36 am

Hannah, I said I was gonna do a JWW a while back, but.... I apply, I guess.... I have her posted in the Charrie Registration section, but you haven't seen her yet... I ahve a few questions relatign to her.
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Aplication for Jr WW and Other Staff
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