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 Welcome to the Wherling Barricks

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Jr Weyrwoman
Jr Weyrwoman

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Welcome to the Wherling Barricks Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Wherling Barricks   Welcome to the Wherling Barricks EmptyMon Aug 16, 2010 1:08 pm

Guppy wrote:
Greetings, Wherlings, and welcome to the barricks. I and my charecter, Nickole, are in charge of the Barricks and we will accept ZERO tolerance of rule breaking.

The bond between wher and handler is sacred and requires much care and hardwork to allow the wher to trust you, just because it chose you, it doesn't mean it trusts you completely yet. All of you have a stone chamber where the handler and a wher will stay. This consists mainly of a bed, a table and a couch for your wher. You are moved up into adult barricks when a female wher begins mating runs or when a male wher begins spitting. The run is how a female and a male reproduce. A single female grabs the attention of a large number of males and uses fitness and trickery to avoid the males at all costs. The first male wher to bring her to the ground and successfully mate with her is the father of the resulting clutch.
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Welcome to the Wherling Barricks
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