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 How do I write an egg description?

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PostSubject: How do I write an egg description?   Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:08 pm

An egg description has two parts. The title and the body. The title is writen to identify the egg, for example creem puff egg or joyful sunrise egg. The body has the actul description of the egg, written in a more "romantic" style. What the egg is described as usualy does not effect what hatches from it. But golds tend to hatch from large Gold eggs, Silvers from particuary pale eggs, and coppers for small Gold eggs. A few of these for each theam is good, but just because they are included in a clutch does not mean that there is a gold, silver or copper. Somtimes the queen will hatch from a seemingly normal egg, sometimes an egg that looks like a queen egg will hatch another colored dragon.

Here are some examples;

Chestnut Trees Egg
Brilliant emerald glitters and sparkles across a winsome shell, dabbles of darker moss-green and bubbles of sunshine woven along knobbly branches. Two groups of trees it seems, each bending gracefully to the other to enclose a window into a distant world, their dabs of leaves twining at the top and a mat of grasses dotted with tiny chestnuts and pretty pastel blossoms set at their feet. And in the window itself lies a vista of pastoral simplicity, ploughed fields side by side with ones left fallow and far of groves of weeping willows nestled in homey hollows. There is rich loamy brown cast along rolling meadows of gentle tourmaline hues and a dance of pixie-like motes capturing a sunsong.

Ancient in the Jungle Egg
This egg appears wrapped in dense foliage, twisting about it's ovoid form in a fashion that gives the impression it might have sat there for thousands of turns. The intense greenery is woven about in an intricate pattern, oldest layers in the richest of emeralds, brightening to brilliant spiraling tendrils of lime. The younger layer almost appears to stretch out from the egg, as if you could reach out a hand and pull it off. But the surface is smooth and flat to touch. As one wanders around the egg to inspect this illusion there can be seen small gaps in the layers of vines, exposing the dull brass of tarnished gold. A larger gap nearest the resting base reveals a boldly carved eye with a hollow that once might have held a precious stone.

The Colors of Chaos Egg
Lilacs are in full bloom, a bright scene has made this egg very easy to spot. Red crowns the top, moving down and mixing with vivid chartreuse that puts other shades of green to shame. Dusty brown tracks move horizontally up the structure, as cerulean curls around the shell, meandering through the other colors, and twisting around the bottom like a river meeting the sea.

Illuminated Tome of Guidance Egg
Letters of black written in ink of iron-gall, etched by quill-tips long lost, form precise and tiny rows of script across the ovoid surface of this egg. Tawny and brittle parchment of mottled beige has been overwritten; a capital flourishes, a sworl of lettering and knotwork vines weaving outwards from this splash of color upon ecru. Indecipherable to the untrained eye, beneath the dominating capital, smaller letters exist amongst the overwhelming plethora of entangled designs, abstract rather than realistic. Age has faded the entire design, making outlining blues seem like dwindling twilight grays, reds made rustier than their prime crimson. Gold has flaked away to reveal cured hide beneath. But for sheer intricacy of detail it cannot be contested; winding mazes of ancient ink capture the eye, endlessly surrounding the shell with no end or beginning in the carefully crafted oblivion of devotion.

The Dim and the Dark Egg
A green-tinged khaki sweeps over this egg's shell, golden hues set behind it, slightly iridescent as it wraps it from one end to the other. While a single band of mahogany spirals around the shell, deeply contrasting the background hue, darker olive-green filigree spirals from end to end, like creeping vines stretching up a guiding line. A simple pattern, mimicking the lines of an avian's wing, is imprinted upon the top curve in white, contrasting the warmer hues behind it.

If you have any qustions, just post here.

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Feel free to PM me with Questions relating to the RP, its kinda my job to answer them. lol!
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How do I write an egg description?
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