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A 13th Interval Weyr
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 Candidate Carra

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PostSubject: Candidate Carra   Candidate Carra EmptyMon Sep 20, 2010 9:46 am

Name: Carra
Gender: Female
Age in Turns: 14
Appearance: A tall, slender young woman, she had long, naturaly curling hair that reaches her lower back, usualy kept tied up, and Ice blue eyes set in a preety olive-skined face.
Personality: A caring and emotional girl, she is never afraid to show her emotions. She has a very developed sense of right and wrong, and is a very bad liar.
Pets: A pet egg-fowl (chicken) called Bok-bok. She enjoys fresh eggs every morning!
Basic Background: Born in Ruthara hold, she is like so many other girls her age who get serched. She left with everyone expecting her to visit in the future with a queen dragon, as Rutharan girls "Always become queenriders". She does not like this presure, and is glad that the hold has asked the weyr that she is now bound for to serch there again in the near future.
Partner Prefrence Males

Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essaith
WeyrlingMaster P'alo and Ivory Priloth
Rider Gie and Green Irilith
Candidate Master Ri-Ri and Guilded Ebith
Master Genecrafter Delphon
Green Aprentice Genecrafter Darian
Journeywoman Healer Evangeline

Feel free to PM me with Questions relating to the RP, its kinda my job to answer them. lol!
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Candidate Carra
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