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 Candidate Gouleshou

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PostSubject: Candidate Gouleshou   Candidate Gouleshou EmptySun Sep 19, 2010 3:21 pm

Name: Gouleshou
Gender: Female
Age in Turns: 17
Appearance: Long, red hair tied into dreadlocks. Average height, but unhealthily slim.
Kindly blue eyes.
Personality: Obsesive about her weight, she is often force fed by family and friends. She is loving towards those close to her and kind to strangers in need.
Pets: Her blue flit, Skylark
Background: Born in a hold, she was a faceless citizen of Ista. Often made fun of due to her roundness, she began eating less and less. A few monthes later, she saw injured people being circles by tunnel snake and she shooed them off with the tree branch she saw. Luckily, one of the injured people was a dragon rider and was made a candidate at the next hatching.
Partener Preferance: Female
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Candidate Gouleshou
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