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 Candidate Zorlihn

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PostSubject: Candidate Zorlihn   Candidate Zorlihn EmptySat Sep 18, 2010 7:32 pm

Name: Zorlihn
Gender: Male
Age in Turns: 19
Appearance: Long, slicked back brunette hair. Average height. Tattoos cover his long tanned skin across his arms. Cuts and scratches are all over his palms from failed attempts of cooking with his sisters.
Personality: Belonging to a tight knit family, he is very protective of his younger sisters. He is kindly to children and other young adults, but has nothing but unyeilding respect for his elders.
Basic Background: The seccond eldest of 7, his protectivness of his 5 younger sisters and mateship with his older brother have dominated his life. Because his older brother is more likley to inherit their cothold, he has speant his life learning other things, dabbling in several of the holder crafts. But none had appealed to him. So one day at a gather, he ran into some dragonriders. One of them asked him to follow, and commented that his dragon had asked to see him. Then when the very experienced serch dragon declared him fit to be a candidate, he was over the dawn sisters!

So now he travels to Cobal weyr, hoping to become a dragonriders. And should he not, it is very likley he would be chosen as a cotholder. So as he figgures, hes got both ends covered.
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Candidate Zorlihn
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