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 Candidate Joseph

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PostSubject: Candidate Joseph   Candidate Joseph EmptySat Sep 18, 2010 5:32 pm

Name: Joseph
Gender: Male
Age in Turns: 19
Appearance: Shaven head with braided beard. Tall and muscly with dirt-covered hands and face. Very dark skin. Deep, Hazel eyes.
Personality: Rather a bully, Joseph was disliked by his peers, who thaught that he could never be serched, but due to the extreem commitment to his familys cothold flock of Ovines, and the loving careone rider witnessed towards a newborn lamb, he was serched.
Pets: He has a green Flit called Allera, whos job it was to stay with the flock and allert him if anything happened while he slept.
Basic Background: Born in a cothold, he and his extended family farmed ovines, and from a young age he was always attending to them. Because of this, he rarly socialised with others his own age, so when he did interact, it was highly defensive, and he became a bully.

When the serchriders came, he was tending to his flock. One rider spotted him with a birthing Ovine, and noted the caring love and devotion he showed to both Dam and Lamb. And so he was serched.
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Candidate Joseph
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