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 Candidate Joelina

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PostSubject: Candidate Joelina   Candidate Joelina EmptySat Sep 18, 2010 5:08 pm

Name: Joelina
Gender: Female
Age in Turns: 15
Appearance: Long, black hair. Medium height, skinny figure but a large chest. Lovely green eyes and tanned skin.
Personality: Very avrage, she is polite when the need arives, can focus and is not totaly self centered, but can be a little selfish at times, as she was the youngest in the family.
Basic Background: The last child of 9, Joelina is the child of a minor holder, who himself is the brother of the current Benden Lord Holder. But she does not make a big fuss of being "of full benden blood", as she knows that there are pleanty of others more likley to have claim to it than her.

So when she was serched for a dragon, she was utterly relieved. Because of her blood, it was highly likley she would have soon been married off to this holder or that. And she was even more relieved to find that it was not Benden she was bound for, but Cobalt...
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Candidate Joelina
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