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 3756th Turn

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3756th Turn Empty
PostSubject: 3756th Turn   3756th Turn EmptyFri Sep 17, 2010 9:33 pm

On the 9th month of the 3756th Turn, the riders moved into the weyr. They speant the first day getting to know their new home, and the seccond day they were assigned weyrs.

The following weeks they set about making the weyr ready for the incomming weyrfolk and candidates, capturing live wildbeasts as base breeding stock and food for their dragons, and making food stores large enough to last the rest of the turn.

Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essaith
WeyrlingMaster P'alo and Ivory Priloth
Rider Gie and Green Irilith
Candidate Master Ri-Ri and Guilded Ebith
Master Genecrafter Delphon
Green Aprentice Genecrafter Darian
Journeywoman Healer Evangeline

Feel free to PM me with Questions relating to the RP, its kinda my job to answer them. lol!
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3756th Turn
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